Jewelry Parties

Jewelry Party In Your Home

Hosting a Glam & Shine Creations  jewelry party is a great way to get friends and family together to shop for yourselves and for gifts in a relaxed, fun, pressure-free atmosphere. I am present during the entire event, available to answer any questions and to take custom orders, but there will be no sales pitches or presentations. I want you and your guests to enjoy a casual and convenient shopping experience.

You just need to provide a location, guests, any refreshments you wish to have and send the invitations. I'll take care of the rest. It's a fun way to have a girls' night out and treat yourselves to some BLING!

Hostess Benefits

You will earn 10% of your party sales (minus shipping and tax if applicable) in free jewelry! And if your total sales are more than $1,000 you will earn 15% of all sales above $1,000! You can use it toward your jewelry party purchase. Any amount not used will be put on a Glam & Shine Creations Gift Certificate issued to you via e-mail after the party for you to use at your convenience.

And if any of your guests book a party during yours, you will be sent another $10.00 Gift Certificate after their party ends.

Online Jewelry Parties

An Online Jewelry Party is the perfect way for most people to host a jewelry party. It has all the benefits of an in-home jewelry party (actually more) without the hassle of cleaning, preparing food, wondering if anyone will show up or having a house full of guests.

If you don't have the time or the space in your home to host a party...or you live outside my travel area...or your friends and family live too far away and you can't physically get everyone an Online Jewelry Party is an excellent solution.

It's also a very convenient shopping option at the's easier to fit into hectic schedules and everyone shops at a discount!

Your guests can shop anytime of the day or night from the comfort of their home for the duration of your party.

They are also able shop at a discount for the duration of the party.

They won't feel any pressure to make a purchase.

How it works

  1. You choose the day you want to start your party and how long you want it to run. I recommend 2 weeks to give your guests plenty of time to sit leisurely at their computers and do their shopping.  
  2. I will e-mail you an invitation for your party. You can print it out and give it to your family and friends, post the information on social media or just e-mail it to all the people you wish to invite.  
  3. The invitation will include the links to the Glam & Shine Creations website and a hostess code for the party which will be entered as a coupon at checkout and give you and your guests a 10% discount on your purchases. You can use this code as often as you wish during the party dates. And it is good toward custom orders as well. The code has to be entered in order to get the discount and have the purchase credited to your party.  
  4. There is no other work for you. Your friends shop at their convenience from the comfort of their home. No one is obligated to buy, but the more people you invite and the more they buy, the more free jewelry you can earn! So invite your family, friends,  co-workers, neighbors.   And you are free to invite guests and send reminder invitations right up until the end of your online jewelry party. The success of your party...and how much free jewelry you up to you! 
  5. After your party ends, I will total your sales (minus shipping and tax if applicable) and e-mail you a Glam & Shine Creations Gift Certificate for 10% of that total. And, if your sales total over $1,000, 15% of any sales $1,000.